The 4-cube
A Hamiltonian cycle
An induced cycle (coil)

New Circuit Codes ZIP

A Table with current bounds is here

Some new circuit codes, reported in ZKC2008-IEEETIT:

Dimension Spread Length Code Coordinate Sequence
Improved lower bounds for spreads<=7
9356 c_9_3_56_code.txt c_9_3_56_coord_seq.txt
10384 c_10_3_84_code.txt c_10_3_84_coord_seq.txt
11466 c_11_4_66_code.txt c_11_4_66_coord_seq.txt
14664 c_14_6_64_code.txt c_14_6_64_coord_seq.txt
15758 c_15_7_58_code.txt c_15_7_58_coord_seq.txt
16770 c_16_7_70_code.txt c_16_7_70_coord_seq.txt
Improved lower bounds for spreads>7
15842 c_15_8_42_code.txt c_15_8_42_coord_seq.txt
16852 c_16_8_52_code.txt c_16_8_52_coord_seq.txt
17762 c_17_8_62_code.txt c_17_8_62_coord_seq.txt
17950 c_17_9_50_code.txt c_17_9_50_coord_seq.txt
Codes of lengths proven to be optimal (spread>7)
14838 c_14_8_38_code.txt c_14_8_38_coord_seq.txt
15940 c_15_9_40_code.txt c_15_9_40_coord_seq.txt
16944 c_16_9_44_code.txt c_16_9_44_coord_seq.txt
171046 c_17_10_46_code.txt c_17_10_46_coord_seq.txt

New Distance-Preserving Codes ZIP

Dimension Spread Length Code Coordinate Sequence
76100dp_7_6_100_code.txt dp_7_6_100_coord_seq.txt
87126 dp_8_7_126_code.txt dp_8_7_126_coord_seq.txt

9-Bead Binary Necklace ZIP

Dimension Length Code Coordinate Sequence
9100neckl_9_60_code.txt neckl_9_60_coord_seq.txt